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Decorated Christening plates and Wedding plates
Decorated Wedding and Christening Plates
Wedding and Christening Plates from Firing Earth Mobile Ceramic Studio

For Weddings, Christenings or Special Occasions

First select a set design and plate size from the choice below:

  • Side Plate 21cm  Artwork/Glazed/Fired = £55.50
  • Dinner Plate 26cms  Artwork/Glazed/Fired = £65.50
  • Large Rimmed Wedding Plate 30cm  Artwork/Glazed/Fired = £85.50
  • Additional artwork on top of set design  is £15.00 per hour
Decorated Wedding Plates and Christening Plates

Your price includes:-

  1. Your set artwork from our set designs 1,2,3,4,5
  2. Add your choice of inscription details
  3. Add a coloured rimmed edge to your plate
  4. We glaze, fire, wrap and pack your plate
  5. We inlcude a black signing pen for guests to sign your plate at your special occasion event.

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