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Hand painted teacher thank you plates
Decorated Christening plates and Wedding plates
Hand Painted Wedding Favours
Hand decorated wedding plates
Hand decorated teacher thank you plates
Teacher thank you hand painted gifts
Decorated Wedding and Christening Plates
Wedding and Christening Plates from Firing Earth Mobile Ceramic Studio

For Weddings, Christenings, thanking teachers
and other Special Occasions

First select a set design and plate size from the choice below:

  • Side Plate 21cm  Artwork/Glazed/Fired = £55.50
  • Dinner Plate 26cms  Artwork/Glazed/Fired = £65.50
  • Large Rimmed Wedding Plate 30cm  Artwork/Glazed/Fired = £85.50
  • Additional artwork on top of set design  is £15.00 per hour
Decorated Wedding Plates and Christening Plates

Your price includes:-

  1. Your set artwork from our set designs 1,2,3,4,5
  2. Add your choice of inscription details
  3. Add a coloured rimmed edge to your plate
  4. We glaze, fire, wrap and pack your plate
  5. We inlcude a black signing pen for guests to sign your plate at your special occasion event.

Christening Plates:

Christening Plate set design 1       Christening Plate set design 2
Christening Plate set design 3       Christening Plate set design4

Wedding Plates:

Wedding Plate set design 1       Wedding Plate set design 2
Wedding Plate set design 3       Wedding Plate set design4

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